About ritecare HMS:

Currently, complexity of organizational decision making and information needs are rapidly increasing. Technology is the only feasible way to deal with information processing in increasingly complex and rapidly changing organizational environments. ritecare by RITE Solutions is a cloud-based Hospital Management Software specifically for both Hospitals, Medical College and Nursing Institutes. It is designed to manage all aspects of a hospital operation. The product features to run a hospital smoothly and hassle free. This healthcare solution includes modules like OPD and IPD Management, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Ward Management, Appointments Scheduling, Patient Registration, Patient History and Doctor along with online Prescription writing, Billing, Accounting, Purchase Order, HR/Payroll. It is developed following the best practices around the world. The system is also compatible with any mobile device or tablet.

Fully Integrated

ritecare HMS is a cloud-based integrated information system designed to manage administrative, clinical and financial aspects of the hospital by collaborating medical college, hospital in-patient & out-patient, and nursing departments.


Upfront cost is zero. No investment only subscription. Does not require any additional hardware or even server room - hence costs like AC, access control, fire alarm, IPS, UPS etc can be avoided by using ritecare HMS. Consists of several different modules at reasonable prices - e.g. online prescription….

Freedom of work

It is accessible from any computer, tablet or phone and allows the physician to work from anywhere - home or abroad. It can be customized according to the needs and priorities of the hospital or individual physician.


ritecare HMS’s (MIS) Management Information System is well organized. Management can easily get any graphical or pi-chart reports from anywhere anytime from any devices – enabling better administrative and financial decision-making.



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